Little Dog – Episode 7, “Round Seven” Preview – Season 1 Finale

With Tucker pressuring Tommy to throw the fight, his family preoccupied and his father still in jail, Tommy is on his own to decide whether or not he’ll fight to win.

Little Dog:
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About Little Dog:
Former pro-boxer Tommy “Little Dog” Ross (JOEL THOMAS HYNES), the favourite to win a Championship Belt, has a world-class meltdown in the middle of the fight and walks out of the ring. We meet up with him again five years later, living a life of general self-destruction, when he is caught on video in a bar fight, prompting old rival Rico “Havoc” St. George (DWAIN MURPHY) to challenge him to a title rematch. Tommy struggles to get the noise of his strong-willed family out of his head in order to make the decision of whether or not to get back in the ring.

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Little Dog – Episode 7, “Round Seven” Preview – Season 1 Finale

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