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Watching The Detectives is a gritty and imaginative modern take on the classic crime story. This is a story that showcases the neighbourhoods and people you rarely see represented. Some of this is fact, some of this is fiction but it’s all wild.

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Created by George Stroumboulopoulos and Bob Mackowycz, this tells the story of that time when VJ’s, and musicians tried to stop a gang war in Toronto.

Four streetwise friends, GEORGE STROUMBOULOPOULOS and real-life musicians MICHIE MEE (Canadian Rap pioneer), IAN CAMPEAU (aka DJ NDN of A Tribe Called Red fame) and FATHER NIKOS PETROS, with a history of protecting at-risk youth must save a kid under their care when he accidentally steals precious underworld secret from Toronto’s most dangerous gang leader.

Having this info in his possession puts him in grave danger and he goes into hiding. The Detectives have to find him fast, or he dies. The series unfolds with each new revelation opening up another mystery. Before long, The Detectives find themselves in mortal danger. They fight their way through angry gangs seeking revenge, rival assassins hired to find the kid, and a criminal organization that seemingly knows their every move. The show grows increasingly surreal as the Toronto underground reveals a deep secret, known to only a few.

Watching The Detectives also shines a light on the best independent music and we want you to play along. Make your soundtrack selections in the comments below.

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The Cast:
George Stroumboulopoulos – As Himself – @strombo
Michie Mee – As Herself – @michiebadgyalmee
Angelo Tsarouchas – Father Petros – @bigangcomic
Ian Campeau – As Himself – @deejayndn
Sonia Dhillon Tully – Officer Jazzy – @SDhillonTully
Aaliyah Cinello – Gracie – @aaliyahcinello
Sharon Tan – Kanna @_.sharontan
Jonathan Langdon – Razz Beret #1 @jonathanmlangdon
Arthur Simeon – Anton Beret #2 @arthursimeon
Bob Mackowycz – The Body @parkdalepanther
Jim Richards – As Himself @jim_richards_showgram

Here’s the incredible team …

Producer: Julia Schneider @jkschneider13
Producer: Racquel Mesina @racquelmesina
Associate Producer: Sam Iannicelli @laddybuck

Director / Editor: George Stroumboulopoulos
Assistant Director: Vanessa Heins @vanessaheins

Post Production Supervisor / Mentor: Don Allan @donallan
DOP: Alex Narvaez @siralexnarvaez
Camera: Sam Iannicelli
Lighting / Gaffer: Robin Hunter @huntz75
Editing: Milan Schramek, Sam Iannicelli
Graphics: Milan Schramek, Andrew Ventura @andrewventura
Colourist: Hardave Grewal @hardavegrewal and Ryan Ruskay @inviolate_light

Script Supervisor: Kezia Shipclark @kezia_vu
Audio: Todd MacDonald @silverpools and Mario Anzola @anzolaloops
Production Assistant: Kezia Shipclark
Production Assistant: Emily Doherty @dohertyemilyj
Producer’s Assistant: Vaishni Majoomdar @vaishtho

Makeup: Misty Fox @mistyfox
Wardrobe: Trina Gismondi

Drones of Babylon by The Lord Jesus Christ
Right Hook by Harrison
Exorcizes in Lonliness by Leurocuta
Destroy The City by Riot 99 @graveyardrock_

Original Concept by George Stroumboulopoulos and Bob Mackowycz.
Written by George Stroumboulopoulos and Bob Mackowycz.

Special Thanks: Moog Audio, Francis, Apiecalypse Now!, Daniel Lanois, Margaret Marrisen, WeAre1188, Sean, Revolver Films, VICE, Bovine Sex Club, Darryl Fine, Big Ears, The Massage Lady Deborah Anne McKeown Termaten, ACE.

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